3D Point Match Evaluation Through Adapting The Gentle AdaBoost


【讲座题目】 3D Point Match Evaluation Through Adapting The Gentle AdaBoost

【讲座时间】 2017年7月5日(周三) 上午:9:00-11:00

【讲座地点】 保定校区教十楼A612

【主 讲 人】 Yonghuai Liu,副教授、英国亚伯大学


  Yonghuai Liu,博士,IEEE高级会员,在图像处理、计算机视觉、机器人路径规划、智能信息处理、进化计算等领域颇有建树,是《Neurocomputing》、《Pattern Recognition Letters: an international journal》、《American Journal of Educational Research》等国际知名刊物的副主编和编委,同时也是2014、2015 IEEE Interntional Conference on Robotics and Automation国际会议的副主席。迄今为止,在德国斯普林格(Springer-Verlag)等出版社出版著作4部,公开发表高水平学术论文140余篇,主持英国和国际合作科技项目10余项,其成果成功应用于工业检测、工业机器人等行业。


   3D partial shapes nowadays can be easily captured using various kinds of systems such as Microsoft Kinect and structure from motion. While such systems have limited field of view, it is necessary to capture multiple datasets from different positions in order to cover a large area of the surface of the object of interest. To fuse information from these datasets, they have to be aligned into the same coordinate system. This process is called registration and the feature extraction and matching (FEM). FEM finds numerous applications in the real world for object modeling, industrial quality assurance, and computer games and virtual reality. In this talk, I will firstly show the data formats and their visualization, then discuss the issues for the feature extraction and representation and outline two important techniques for the task.


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